Register online:

For telephone assistance: (865) 974-0150

For e-mail assistance:

Fax us: (865) 974-0154

For walk-in assistance: UT Conference Center, 600 Henley St., Suite 313, in downtown Knoxville.


24 Responses to “Registration & Contact Information”

  1. janice seay Says:

    i am very interested in attempting a dance class. Could u please send some information on what is available for fall, thank you

  2. Hi, Janice!

    We just started production on our Fall 2010 catalog, and I noticed that we’ll be offering four dance courses: Ballroom, Latin, East Coast Swing, and Scottish Country.

    Please check our main Web site in late July for specific dates and online registration:

  3. Laura Payne Says:

    Hey. Could you send me information about Mike Carroll’s course “Starting A Business”? Is it already full for fall 2010? Wasn’t sure from looking at the information. Could you tell me if it is full? If not is not full, when are the dates and times? Thank you very much.
    Laura Payne

    1. Laura:

      Thanks for the note.

      “Starting Your Own Business” will be offered on Thursday evenings this fall from Oct. 7 – Nov. 4.

      The course fee is $159, and there is space available.

      Here’s a link in case you’d like to register online:

      Good luck with your business idea!


  4. Glenda Kinlaw Says:

    My husband and I are interested in taking a tree pruning class. Do you have one and how can we register for it if you do?

  5. Hey, Glenda!

    Yes, we’re offering a course titled Pruning Art & Science on October 16. And the registration fee is only $39.

    Here’s a link to all of our fall courses related to landscaping and garden design:


  6. Amanda Guerrieri Says:


    My name is Amanda Guerrieri and I signed up for the Forensic Anthropology class online a couple of months ago, and have received no information on it. It starts tomorrow, Monday October 4th and I have no idea where to go, what building the class is in and where to park. I sent an email to the professor and I have received no reply which makes me upset. Can you please help me?

    Thank you

  7. Good morning, Amanda.

    Thanks for your message. I have alerted the staff of UT Professional & Personal Development to contact you immediately concerning the course that begins tonight.


  8. Hannah Says:

    Just wondering if you had any forensic anthro. classes or any anthrolopology classes that could be taken for a non student?

  9. Hannah:

    Yes, we will offer a non-credit course titled “Forensic Anthropology” beginning Feb. 7, 2011.

    The course will meet on Monday evenings for five class sessions.

    Online registration begins Dec. 1.

    Hope to see you there!


  10. Heather Sutton Says:

    I am interested in taking the Beginning Photoshop class. Do you know if it will be offered for Summer 2011?

    Thank you!

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:

      Thanks for you interest!

      We are in the process of finalizing our classes for the summer. We do have several digital photo processing courses this spring.

      Check our Photography class schedule to see the must up-to-date listings.

      1. Heather Sutton Says:

        Thank you for your quick response! Do you know when the Summer catalog will be available online?

      2. Non-Credit Programs Says:


        I am sorry to say that the Beginning Photoshop class is not being offered this Summer. We will hopefully be able to offer it in the Fall. Please check our Photography pages to see the most up-to-date information on our class schedule.

  11. I am interesated in the Beginning Drawing course. I would like to know if that course is filled. Thanks

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:

      There are still openings in the Beginning Drawing course that starts June 2nd. You can register online or call us during business hours at (865) 974-0150.

      Thank you for your interest in the drawing course

      Beginning Drawing

  12. emma ford Says:

    Would like to know what is going on later in the summer. I just got this notice and already have plans.

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:

      I’m sorry you missed out. We still have the Intensive Writing Fiction Workshop starting July 19th.

  13. Jessica Says:

    Im kinda confused. I enrolled and paid for the Pharmacy Tech program. Now what? Will I be getting more information before the class starts in Sept

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:


      Thank you for enrolling in the Pharmacy Tech program. We hope you find it a great asset.

      Since you are enrolled all you have to do is show up for class at the UT Conference Center Building at 6:00pm on September 27. Books are included with enrollment and will be provided the first night of class.

      If you have any further questions give us a call at (865) 974-0150 or send an email to

  14. Brenda Rosen Says:

    Do yo uoffer classes in how to creat a church newsletter.

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:


      We don’t offer classes that would specifically meet you need. We do, however, offer classes in learning computer software that might be used in creating such a document. We offer online courses in Microsoft Word as well as Adobe InDesign. You can find our list of online classes here. Also, check back in a few weeks as we release our Winter schedule.

  15. Angela Franklin Says:

    I would like to receive course cataloges in the postal mail . How does one register ?

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:

      Thanks for you interest. Please contact us at: Email: | Phone: 865-974-0150 | Fax: 865-974-0154
      We would be happy to help you receive future catalogs.

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