Professional Development

Our Professional Development courses, seminars, and certificate programs provide information essential for job and career success. These courses offer numerous opportunities to change or advance your career while maintaining your current job. You can sharpen skills with a few quick classes or add a certification with a longer course. Either way, we can improve your opportunities in these tough economic times.

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Personal Development

Our Personal Development courses can help you learn a new skill or hobby, or are simply fun to take with friends for personal enjoyment. The topics range from art and music to food and wine. Whether you select a photography course to preserve memories of activities with family and friends, or you and a friend decide to make memories by taking a wine class, our classes offer a myriad of ways for you to grow.

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Kids U

Our award-winning Kids U summer camps are exclusive opportunities for area children in grades 1-12. Children come to UT and work with college faculty, staff, and graduate students in fields such as art, chemistry, cooking, anthropology, photography, microbiology, and veterinary medicine.

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Smoky Mountain Field School

The Field School offers high-quality workshops, hikes, and adventures to more than 700 people each year who want to enhance their enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of the Smokies and the great outdoors.

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23 Responses to “Our Programs”

  1. Peggy Stanley Says:

    Your office told me they would let me know the continuing educaiton class with Dr. Bass in Johnson City, TN in june when they got a location, could you please let me know something.

  2. Hi, Peggy.

    Thanks for the note.

    UT Professional & Personal Development doesn’t have any continuing education courses scheduled with Dr. Bass this June.

    Perhaps he has something scheduled through another UT department.

  3. Amy Orr Says:

    Do you offer just a basic photo course? I cannot find one anywhere,and also how do I get a non-credit catalog of all you offer just for fun? My mailing address is:
    Amy Orr
    1342 Meadside Dr
    Maryville,Tn 37804

    1. Hi, Amy.

      Yes, we offer a variety of non-credit photography courses, including Fundamentals of Digital Photography I beginning Sept. 16. (We recently opened a second section of this course because the first section filled up so quickly!)

      I’ll drop a fall catalog in the mail to you today (Aug. 31).

      Take care,

      1. Amy Orr Says:

        Thanks for still remembering to send me a catalog . Looking forward to getting started in the photo classes and maybe something my spouse and I can do together.

  4. Heidi Says:

    I read about a UT Non-credit Horsemanship class on House Mountain Farm’s website ( Is this course still offered?

    1. Heidi:

      We have offered these courses in the past, but unfortunately none are schedule for this winter or spring.

      Please check our Web site for future offerings:

      Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

  5. Amy Johnson Says:

    Can I get a non credit catalog? I am interested in taking some photography classes.
    Amy Johnson
    2049 Olentangy Rd
    Louisville, TN 37777

    1. Hi, Amy.

      Our next series of non-credit photography courses will begin in mid-September, including Fundamentals of Digital Photography I & II.

      We’re currently working on the Fall 2010 course catalog, and it will be available in early August.

      I’ll mail you a copy after it comes back from the printer.

      Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

  6. Sandra Joiner Says:


    1. Hey, Sandra!

      All of our non-credit courses for Fall 2010 will be available for online registration by late July at

      Also, our printed course catalog will be available in early August.

      Please send me your mailing address if you’d like a printed copy.

      Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

  7. Judy Kuczmarski Says:

    Would you please mail me your printed Fall 2010 catalog of on-line non-credit courses? Please mail to 8665 Belle Mina Way, Knoxville, 37923 Thank you

    1. Judy:

      I’ll be glad to mail you a catalog. Will place in outgoing mail this afternoon.

      Hope to see you in a class this fall!


  8. Melissa Miles Says:

    Does UT offer classes on beekeeping?

  9. Melissa:

    Thanks for your question.

    We don’t currently offer a course on beekeeping, but I will be sure to suggest it to the program coordinator responsible for personal development courses.


  10. TJ Says:

    I know at one time you offered a class got ut football fans early in the season… Do u still do this

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:

      I am sorry to say that we do not offer the Football Kickoff any more.
      Thank you for your interest.

  11. Wilda Andle Says:

    Would like catalogue of non-credit classes available for spring. Thank you.

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:

      Thank you for your interest, Wilda. We are currently working on the spring catalog. As soon as it is available we will announce it here and on our website. Please check back often.

  12. Brenda Rosen Says:

    Do you offer classes in how to create a simple church newsletters.

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:


      We don’t offer classes that would specifically meet you need. We do, however, offer classes in learning computer software that might be used in creating such a document. We offer online courses in Microsoft Word as well as Adobe InDesign. You can find our list of online classes here. Also, check back in a few weeks as we release our Winter schedule.

  13. William Griffin Says:

    Yes Im very interested in a photography program w/ Kendall Chiles or other. Please contact me with info. Thanks w. griffin

    1. Non-Credit Programs Says:


      You can find Kendall Chiles’ upcoming class schedule here. Also, you can find out more about the entire Photography Certificate here.
      Thank you for your interest.

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