Spring is a great time to visit the Great Smoky Mountains. And there is nothing better to enjoy in the spring than the myriads of wildflowers to bloom for only a short time. Even though spring has sprung early this year, don’t miss out the Smoky Mountain Field School’s upcoming wildflower-centric classes.


Wilderness Wildflowers-Marvels of Spring – April 14, 2012

There is no greater sight to behold than the rainbow of colors from spring’s emerging wildflowers found in the Smokies. Learn in a small group setting, some of the most common species that define many of the park’s slopes. Then take easy to moderate walks along footpaths bordered with many of these first beauties.


Spring Wildflower and Nature Photography – April 21

If you want to develop your technical and visual skills in nature photography, this workshop is for you! We’ll concentrate on the two main subjects of spring photography in the Smokies: wildflowers and landscapes. The principles of composition, perspective, exposure, light and proper use of equipment will be covered during this workshop.


Wildflowers and Trees-A Family Affair – April 21

Explore the dozens of wildflowers and flowering trees that bring the Smokies to life in the spring. We’ll use hands-on folk-lore, plant uses, pollinators and habitat to give each flower new meaning, and not just a name. We’ll also learn some basics of wildflower and tree identification and discover the diversity within several rich forest types along easy trails. For children of all ages, whatever critter is found will be examined.