Receive a culinary passport to the cuisines of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Explore new ingredients and techniques from around the globe. Learn from top, working chefs while making these wonderful culinary discoveries:

Persian/Iranian Cuisine
Iran has been a melting pot of civilizations between Asia and Europe or more than three thousand years. The nation’s culture has developed rich and diverse philosophical, artistic, scientific, religious and culinary traditions. Come enjoy learning the culture, with an introduction to cooking its cuisine. The class will be instructed by Chef Donna Parang from Bella Luna, skilled in the art of Persian and Iranian foods.

French Cuisine
Delve in the richness of French Cuisine. Experience the geography of the country, traditions, special holidays, food and dishes native to France. Enjoy an introduction to the French style of cooking by preparing an authentic meal. The class will be instructed by chef Deron Little from Seasons Cafe, skilled in the art of French cuisine.

Korean Cuisine
Truly Authentic Korean cooking taught by our own Dr. Youn-Kyung Kim. Learn Korean culture, be introduced to the traditional culinary style and prepare an ethnic centered meal.

Italian Cuisine
Learn the culture as well as the cuisine with the preparation of an ethnic centered meal. The class will be instructed by Chef Christin Love from Bella Luna, skilled in the art of Italian cuisine.

Irish Cuisine
Special guest, Chef Garrett Scanlan, will be teaching the skills of cooking with Irish flair.  Come learn Irish culture; be introduced to the art of Irish cooking and prepare an authentic meal. Garrett Scanlan is a European trained Master Chef who has worked in top restaurants and hotels in Ireland, Britain, France, Switzerland and the Bahamas before immigrating to the United States.  A lifelong member of the ACF and AAC, Chef Scanlan is also a former member of the Irish Culinary Olympic Team.  Chef Scanlan is currently the host and presenter of the hit PBS series ’90 Miles with Chef Garrett’ and owner of ‘Garrett’s Downtown Deli’ with two locations in the Knoxville area.

Liberian Cuisine
Situated on the west coast of Africa, Liberian cooking is steeped in local traditions. Palavah Hut’s lead chef, skilled in Liberian cuisine, will teach the class.

Japanese (sushi) Experience the rich sushi culture of Japan while mastering unique culinary techniques. Learn to make sushi from a chef of one of Knoxville’s leading sushi restaurants, Nama. The class will cover three types of sushi prepared in the traditional manner.

German Cuisine
Rich hearty German cooking brought to you by Chef Edgar Herrmann, once executive Chef at Legends Country Club. Chef Herrmann brings his expertise to the culinary classroom. Learn German culture and cuisine while preparing a traditional meal.

All classes are $99 and taught at the Culinary Institute at University of Tennessee. Classes meet on Saturdays from January through March.

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