Non-Credit Programs is gearing up for a big Fall in Personal Development. We have more than a dozen new class offerings starting in September. Whether you want to decorate cakes, better you investment strategy or improve you acting, we have something for new for you.

Food and Wine


Low Country Refinement!

Low country refinement, cuisine inspired by my time in Charleston. I love going back to my roots when I learned to cook. Relive my early years as a chef as we prepare Creamy Tomato Bisque with Lump Crabmeat and Homemade Jalapeño Pimento Cheese with Flatbread Chips (we use real white cheddar!). To finish Pan-fried soft-shell Crab with fresh Succotash and Garlic Remoulade.


Mediterranean Fresh

The Mediterranean diet is widely known for its health advantages. Learn three easy dishes to spice up your weekly routine. On the menu: Salad of Beets, Goat Cheese and Arugula with Walnut Vinaigrette; Lamb Chops with a Romesco Sauce; and a Syrian Wheat Salad.

Thanksgiving with a Twist

Spice up the same old Thanksgiving meal for your family. We’ll prepare Turkey Scaloppini with Five Spice Gravy, Key Lime Candied Sweet Potatoes and Braised Swiss Chard with Smoked Oysters. For dessert, Fried Mango Cream Cheese Wontons with Vanilla Ice Cream!

Beginning Cake Decorating

Learn to decorate simple special occasion cakes such as birthday and anniversary cakes. Class includes how to ice a cake smoothly, writing and printing your message, proper handling of pastry bag, borders, lace and string work. Plus learn to make roses and simple flower arrangements, bows and construction of tiered cakes.

A Taste of Europe

Taste wines from European countries of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Please bring two wine glasses and one champagne glass to class..

Blended or Pure Varietals

Enjoy three classes of comparing wines that are 100% of one grape to wines composed of blends of grapes. Please bring two wine glasses and two champagne glasses to class.


Health Fitness & Recreation


Healing Foods: your Health Prescription

The human body has the ability to heal itself when it receives the high-quality nutrients it needs and deserves. Many foods, including herbs and spices, contain powerful nutrients to heal the body of illness and disease. In this course, you’ll learn the healing power of a wide variety of foods. You’ll also get an introduction to herbal remedies you can make or try at home. Foods for common ailments such as asthma, cholesterol, depression, headaches, high blood pressure, obesity and many more will be discussed.

Introduction to the Yoga of Relationships

Our lives take place in the context of relationships. You have relationships with yourself, with others and with LIFE itself. Relation-ships can be like a yoga mat that is slung over your shoulder in every moment of life. It’s so ever-present, you might not even be aware of the impact of your relationships on your overall sense of well-being. Relationships might just be one of the most perfect practice spaces for yoga. Take your relationships to the next level as you learn a basic technique to release relationship tension and restore relationship harmony – pretty handy for the holidays!


Nutrition for Fitness and Sport

Optimal nutrition is an absolute necessity for athletic performance. If you are an active adult involved in regular fitness activities and sports, you’ll learn how to estimate your daily caloric needs from proteins, carbs and fats. Quantity and quality do matter when it comes to fueling for maximum performance. You’ll learn how to properly fuel and hydrate before, during and after exercise and sport activities. A discussion of common supplements targeted at athletic performance will be included.


Home and Finance


Building an Investment Strategy

This course is more than an introduction to investing or discussion of any one particular investment strategy/viewpoint. It seeks to help you develop your own personal investment philosophy as the basis from which to confidently understand the investment world and comfortably manage your own investment portfolio. The meaning and significance of investment concepts such as risk, return, volatility, diversification, asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing are discussed with an eye towards their practical implications. We’ll analyze the history of the market and return rates. This course is suitable for both novice and experienced investors in all phases of life.




Food Photography & Styling

Learn the tricks of the trade for making food look delectable from a two dimensional image. The class content will range from camera settings and techniques to create impact, lighting considerations, food styling from purchasing to preparing, keeping it looking beautiful and audience considerations. We will be reviewing a wide range of food selections and there will definitely be some show and tell during the class. Make sure you come to class well-fed, otherwise you’ll be famished by the end of class. What we do may look great but by the end of it, you might not want to try it.


Special Topics

Get your Act Together & Take it on The Road

The ins and outs of touring and booking workshops on your own. We gently gently guide you with her tried and true methods of putting your work out there in the world. Be in the company of other performers, writers and musicians who have a passion for com-munity involvement, theatre and small stages. In the class we’ll be both performing, writing, creating and discussing the how’s, why’s, what’s and where’s to putting up and touring your show.

Beginning Acting II – Improvisational Acting

This class is both for beginners and those with some acting experience. Expect to move and be challenged with both vocal and stimulating movement exercise for actors. Free up your inhibitions, loosen up your body and learn helpful, basic speaking skills. We’ll explore basic tools and the improvisation technique of Interplay-dance, movement and voice. We’ll also practice theatre games and monologue study, comedy and learn performing secrets. Acting can be a great way to overcome your fears of public speaking and improve your confidence and presentation skills at work.


Online and phone registration for these and many more returning classes starts the second week of August.