The month of June has been fun and educational for more than 350 KidsU participants. Kids have been involved in everything from Photography to Vertebrate Zoology to Web Design.

One of the most popular camps was the Fun with Forensics: Adventures in Chemistry.  Forty-four 6-8 grade kids were able to explore scientific and chemical principles and techniques used in crime solving. They used real laboratory equipment to perform scientific tests in order gather forensic solutions.

Fun with Forensics: Adventures in Chemistry

The kids in Snakes Alive: Hands-On Herpetology were able to get up close and personal with many scaly and slimy lizards, frogs, snakes and salamanders. Thirty students from grades 4-7 learned about life histories of many reptiles and amphibians, but best of all they were able to touch, pet and hold the animals. Then the last day was spent at the Knoxville Zoo getting up close and personal with the giant Aldabran Tortoises.

Snakes Alive: Hands-on Herpetology

In the Design a Web Page camp 8-12th graders learned to create their very own web sites. They learned about html and used free applications to design, add content and publish their own unique creations.


It was a busy month, but it that was only the beginning. Starting next week KidsU will start it’s July camps. Forensic Anthropology, Culinary Arts, Creative Writing, Engineering, Physics – those are just a few of the topics to be covered. There is still some openings available, don’t miss out.

Got Talent? Beginning Acting and Theatre Games

Cool Crafts


Accept the Challenge

Veterinary Medicine: Behind the Scenes

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