What camp did you attend?

Snakes Alive! Hands-on Herpetology

What is something that you learned this week?

I learned about tuataras and how they are endangered because cats keep eating them. I also learned the salamanders have tadpoles like frogs. And that algae will grow on frog egg masses and it helps the babies hatch. I also learned that sometime during a bush fire animals will crawl into tortoise burrows with the tortoise. Once they found an armadillo, a rattlesnake, and the tortoise.

Did you make any friends?


What animals did you get to see/touch?

I got to hold a corn snake and a rosy boa constrictor. I got to touch an Aldabra Tortoise, a baby mud puppy and other salamanders. I got to see preserved animals. I got to see a lot the animals at the zoo.

How were the instructors?

They were very good.

What was the most memorable thing of the week?

I liked holding and touching all of the animals.

Would you like to take more KidsU classes?


There are still openings in upcoming KidsU camps. Check them out on our website.