Next week Personal Development will kickoff the summer session. We have some great classes on store for the summer. Here are just a few starting soon:

Italian Feast

Italy comes to town with the following classics. Gratin of mussels (a.k.a. Cozze al forno), Involtini al proscuitto (Beef roulades stuffed with prosciutto and cheese cooked in a rich tomato sauce) and for dessert, Apple strudel (a.k.a. Strudel di mele).


Learn karate as an effective street defense and a way to increase your self-confidence, focus and aerobic fitness. This course focuses on the history, philosophy and traditions of Isshin-Ryu Karate. All levels of students are welcome with instruction geared to your level.Minimum age: 12.


This is the study of the art of Japanese swordsmanship and the way of the Samurai. It is an advanced martial art devoted to self-development, inner exploration and goal actualization.

Classic Pilates

All you need is your body and a mat to experience an amazing, stress-reducing mind/body workout. This class starts by teaching the foundational, classic exercises of Pilates and how to connect each movement to our breath.

Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing is a form of social dancing that allows you to interact with all involved. It provides a low-impact aerobic activity which is fun. It provides mental stimulation comparable to a crossword. Anyone who seeks activity and likes to dance will enjoy the course.

Forensic Anthropology

UT has built a national reputation on its expertise in forensic anthropology. We’ll also discuss techniques and methods for recovering human remains, explore actual case studies and learn about the research conducted at the famous research facility.

Introduction to Sculpture

Use your imagination in this course to create three dimensional characters from polymer clay. You’ll develop the ability to feel the correct lines and proportions to realize your creations.

Spanish for Beginners

This course is for those with little or no prior instruction in the Spanish language. You’ll learn basic grammar and vocabulary, common phrases, and useful expressions. Speaking skills are emphasized, but there will be some study of the written language.

Junior Samurai Sword (Ages 5-12)

Class sessions emphasize traditional Samurai Weapons Skills in a supervised and safe manner.

Karate for Kids (Ages 5-12)

Isshin-Ryu Karate teaches self-defense while it promotes self-confidence, focus, respect and coordination. Children receive individual attention as well as group instruction in this no-nonsense course.

ASL: Signing with Babies and Toddlers

This is a course for parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers age six months to three years. Learn why it is beneficial to sign with your child and then learn how, what and when to sign. No experience with ASL is necessary.

Composting: Green Recycling

Recycling of green waste is an excellent and responsible way to re-use organic materials to the benefit of our gardens, our environment, and ourselves. We’ll discuss many ways to process all sorts of organics into the “black gold” that avid gardeners have been using for eons to increase productivity in their garden.

For a complete listing of Personal Development Summer classes click here. To download our Summer catalog click here.