It’s never too late to plan your landscaping and maybe reduce the work of gardening. A little planning can go a long way towards a landscape that is more enjoyable and less work.

First, creating a map is vital to any plan. A map will help to keep the landscape in focus. It will help to visualize how the end landscape will work and alleviate potential issues.

Secondly, any plan should evaluate the current elements of the landscape. A decision must be made about what to keep, what to scrap and what to change or move. By using existing plants and other elements can be reused, reconfigured or cleaned to give the landscape more interest.

Evaluating any additions is the last aspect of planning. Each plant has to be assessed for color, size and necessary space. It can take a considerable time to research all the information. However, there are several resources that can be used. Books, magazines, websites and gardening/landscape classes can all give great information on types of plants to use for specific needs and locations.

Installation of a landscape is much less work and more enjoyable with a good plan. By taking the time to plan out your landscape you can lessen future maintenance and add to your enjoyment.

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