Crested Dwarf Iris

Saturday, April 16th, the Smoky Mountain Field School held five different courses at various locations throughout the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  The weather cooperated, as all the rain that fell on Friday night stopped by Saturday morning.  It made for very swift and swollen streams and rivers.

Instructor Joel Zachary led the Wilderness Wildflowers Day Hike

The hillsides of the Park were ablaze with burgeoning spring wildflowers.  The “Wilderness Wildflowers” hike was held at the Porter Creek Trail in the Greenbrier area of the GSMNP.  This trail was an absolute treasure trove of spring flowers — showy orchis, hillsides of trillium, wild geranium, Solomon’s seal and Solomon’s plume, great chickweed, toothwort, emerging pink lady’s slippers,  wild ginger, and crested dwarf iris, just to name a sampling of the abundance of wildflowers found in this area.

Another treat, in addition to the pretty weather and variety of flora, was the international mix of participants who attended.  Three people from Knoxville and Kentucky joined six others from different countries – Denmark, England, and Italy.

Veteran Field School instructor Joel Zachry said, “The beauty of the Smokies obviously has an appeal to people from all around the world.  We are so fortunate to have this natural treasure right here to enjoy.”

Wild Geranium


Showy Orchis

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