"See" through the clutter and deeper into the world around you.

It is easy for a photographer to capture the scene in front of the camera lens, right? You just push the shutter release, and you have it. It’s not quite so simple. The camera doesn’t work alone.

Many things go into the creation of that image — artistic composition, technical skill for focus and exposure, plus that something extra, that hard-to-describe dimension, the ability of the photographer to visualize the complete image before the shutter release is pressed and have it captured just as envisioned. Technical and artistic skills can be studied and sharpened. The ability to visualize, however, is not as easily learned. The great photographers often talk about listening to an inner voice, being in the moment, and connecting with their subjects. They are doing what can be called “seeing from within,” connecting with their subjects on a different, deeper level.

We all have the gift of “seeing from within.” It may be laying dormant ready to be awakened. Or you may be one of the lucky ones who is already seeing and doesn’t yet recognize it. Enhancing Your Photographic Creativity will help you awaken and develop your innate ability to “see from within.” We will look at paying attention to what is inside us, listening to that inner voice, and discovering how that relates to the world in front of our cameras. No matter your photographic skill level, this awakened ability will, when combined with classic photographic composition and technical skills, take your photography to a new level.

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