A small water feature is a great way to add interest to your garden, mask external noise, or create a relaxing retreat.

Water features can be as simple as an ornamental birdbath, or as complicated as a pond fed by a recirculating stream and waterfall. It is all up to your creativity and budget.

An ornamental birdbath can be an easy, nearly maintenance-free method to bring water to your garden. It simply needs to be topped-off occasionally and cleaned regularly. They provide water to birds to drink and bath.  Which can be an enjoyable addition to a bird friendly garden.

For those that have more space and a larger budget there are many options to look into. A small pond can provide home to fish and aquatic plants such as water lilies. A small waterfall and stream can add a nice noise-masking, relaxing space. These options may be more complicated, but also very rewarding.

If you would like to add a water feature to your garden, but do not know where to start look into our Waterfeatures, Gardens and Fountains class. The class will cover planning, installation, maintenance, costs, plants, and suppliers for waterfeatures.