Kids U is proud to offer several new week-long camps aimed at helping teenagers learn more about themselves and the world they live in.Teens learning

A Look Back: Colonial History

Learn something about yourself and others by seeing how groups of different people lived in the late 1700’s. We’ll be writing with quill and ink, seeing dress of the time, games played, currency used, architecture/furniture, how they slept, ate, worked, relaxed, celebrated holidays, danced, traveled, married, and much more.

Genealogy for Kids

In this fun, hands-on and interactive class you’ll find the importance of keeping a journal and how to create a heritage notebook. You’ll also learn step-by-step how to fill out a pedigree and family group sheet while discovering fun and interesting information and facts about yourself and your family.

Exploration in Psychology

This course explores how we experience the world, and how we relate to other people. We will dive into detailed questions asking what causes us to think, feel, and act the way we do? Is it genetic, is it learned, or is it both?

So You Want to be an Engineer?

Work alongside local engineering professionals as they complete hands-on challenges in science and engineering. The course is a hands-on introduction with experiments and building projects that teach engineering terms and principles, hypothesis testing and team skills.

Teen Self-Discovery: Creative & Interpersonal Skills

Discover yourself as we learn interactive techniques for better communication, public speaking, school presentations, creative storytelling, and interpersonal team building skills. We’ll use ice-breaker game techniques, kinetic movement, acting and writing exercises along with some improvisational comedy to explore the ways we interact with ourselves and one another. This class is guaranteed to have you be comfortable with who you are, commanding self-expression with self and others.

Kids in Class

Along with these exciting new camps we have our returning favorites: Innocent or Guilty… How Do You Plead?; Learn to Lead: Leadership 101; and Practices of the Most Successful Young People. Check out all of our Discovery camps and other Kids U programs on our website.

This Summer will provide opportunities for Teens and Kids to learn and grow at Kids U!