Kids U is proud to host Camp Invention this summer. Here are the activities planned for the week of June 27 to July 1:

The CREATE Program

In the Problem Solving on Planet ZAK® module, children are immersed in the wondrous world of science fiction as they use their creative and critical-thinking skills to keep themselves safe and nourished after crash-landing on a strange planet.  They first work together to “reassemble” their crashed spacecraft from a variety of common objects.  Then, children assess relevant weather data to design shelter and clothing during their stay on Planet ZAK and use creative problem solving to reach an unusual, hard-to-find food source.  Finally, they design ways to launch their spacecraft in time for the countdown to blastoff.

Children are introduced to environmental science and the concept of conservation when they are challenged to rebuild a cleaner, more eco-friendly city  that has been polluted to the point of ruin in the Saving Sludge City™ module.  Before construction begins, children investigate and recreate the actions that polluted the city and determine effective methods to clean it up.  Participants explore green city design, water filtration systems, safe waste disposal, conservation techniques, and renewable energy as they completely reconstruct the town.

In the Imagination Point: Ride Physics™ module, children are investigate the science behind amusment park thrill rides by exploring Sir Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion through hands-on activities related to amusement park rides.  Working as interns for the world’s newest and largest amusement park, Imagination Point, children use their discoveries and imaginations to create prototypes of roller coasters and other rides. They perform a magician’s trick to understand inertia, discover that mass matters when two objects collide, learn the thrill of centripetal force, and create bumper-car paintings to illustrate that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Combining physical activity and creativity, children practice teamwork, cooperation, coordination, and creative problem solving during fun, energetic games in theGame On: Power Play™ module.  These activities were designed under the guise that traditional games can be modified using nontraditional approaches and converge the functions of mind and body while children work collectively in diverse teams. These games facilitate inventive and inquisitive-thinking skills while incorporating 21st century life skills such as collaboration, communication, and whole-systems thinking.  Inclusion and creative problem solving are stressed, rather than winning or losing.

The I Can Invent: Edison’s Workshop™ module illustrates the joys (and frustrations) that real inventors face during the process of creating totally new inventions. During the week, children work in teams to create multi-step inventions using pieces and parts of broken appliances and other upcycled materials. Older children spend the last three days of the week creating multi-step, Rube Goldberg-type machines that solve a given challenge while younger children create multi-step, ball-rolling machines. Both age groups use and develop creative and critical-thinking skills as they encounter problems or unfamiliar situations throughout the week.

– Camp Invention

It is going to be a fun week!