Here is what people are saying about our Fundamentals in Digital Photography class:

“It was a great course for a beginner like myself. It taught me how to use my camera properly, as well as all of the controls and what my camera is capable of doing. Tom was a terrific instructor. He brought humor to the class and was very informative. He was easily accessible to students for questions. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about photography.”  – Angela, Lenoir City.

“If you want to take a non-credit photography class that will take you to the next level, this is it!!! I took this class at another local college and Tom teaches more in the first night than the other instructor taught the entire course.”  – Leah, Clinton.

“As a user of the digital camera, in every day work situations, it caused me to step out of the Auto or Programed Mode to take better pictures, and left people saying, Wow.”

“It was a great class and will be beneficial to anyone who is new to digital photography or is knocking off the rust of their old film skills. Thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Rob, Knoxville.

See what everyone is talking about. Two more sessions of Fundamentals in Digital Photography I will be starting soon. Also, if you just completed the first course we are offering Fundamentals in Digital Photography II as well.