I drove over to Nashville on Saturday to attend the 22nd annual Southern Festival of Books, a three-day celebration of the written word.

The festival is a book lover’s paradise where you can meet and rub elbows with best-selling national and regional authors, hear them discuss their writing, and purchase books from small to medium-sized publishers.

The University of Tennessee was well represented at the festival.

Seventy-year-old UT Press hosted a booth, and I stopped by to find marketing manager Tom Post scribbling a few notes before he was to introduce Susan Thornton and her presentation on the Lady Vols sports history book.

I also saw renowned UT forensics expert Dr. Bill Bass, who appeared with writing partner Jon Jefferson to discuss their latest “Body Farm” book.

Charles Maynard and David Morris were scheduled to discuss their book, “Family Hiking in the Smokies: Time Well Spent,” at a Sunday afternoon session. They are popular instructors for the Smoky Mountain Field School operated by UT Professional & Personal Development.

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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