Many people find the cooler temperatures of the fall season more conducive to landscaping and garden design work.

If you would like to learn tips from an expert horticulturist so you can better enjoy fall around your home, UT Professional & Personal Development invites you to attend its series of landscape and garden design courses.

Courses may be taken individually, or you can earn a non-credit certificate in this area by taking eight courses, including the required Landscape Plant Selection for East Tennessee (beginning Sept. 16) and Home Landscape Design and Installation (beginning Oct. 14).

Upcoming electives are Tree Selection (beginning Sept. 21), Lawn Fertilization and Maintenance (Oct. 2) and Pruning Art and Science (Oct. 16).

Our landscape and garden design courses are taught by David Montgomery, a landscape designer and horticulturist who owns The Garden Walk Horticultural Specialties in Knoxville.

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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