You can learn karate as an effective street defense and a way to increase your self-confidence, focus, and aerobic fitness.

UT Professional & Personal Development will offer Karate with acclaimed instructor Lancing England beginning August 18. The course fee is $89.

England will focus on the history, philosophy, and traditions of Isshin-Ryu Karate in this 16-session course. All levels of students are welcome, but the minimum age is 12.

For children, England will teach Karate for Kids Ages 5-12 beginning Sept. 10. This course teaches self-defense while promoting self-confidence, focus, respect, and coordination.

England will also teach Satori-Ryu-Iaido, the art of Japanese swordsmanship, beginning Aug. 18 and Junior Samurai Sword (Ages 5-12) beginning Sept. 10.

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Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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