David Montgomery shares his expertise in plant and soil science with students who take our non-credit landscape and garden design courses.

Montgomery explains his teaching and horticultural philosophies in our upcoming summer course catalog (due out in early May).

Here’s a portion of his story:

“Teaching non-credit courses in landscaping is a far cry from what I thought I might be doing back when I was in high school.

“But, I really enjoy the personal interactions and passing along practical knowledge gained from personal experience and backing it up with good, sound horticultural practices. My degree in plant and soil science and work experience in multiple aspects of the green industry locally have given me good background experience to teach a multitude of topics with some degree of expertise.

“My greatest professional interest is in the multitude of available plants that can make designing a landscape more of an artistic endeavor, not unlike a painter choosing colors from his palette.

“The non-typical use of common, or existing elements, is also a tool that I try to build interest with. I really emphasize taking a long-term results approach to designing and selecting plant material, which is not only practical, but also more and more rewarding as the garden ages.”

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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