Today’s blog post will be brief, but I do want to call your attention to five new professional development courses that merit attention.

All of the courses are being offered in April.

“Planning, Prioritizing and Procrastination” (April 13; $99) will outline proven techniques that increase effectiveness and productivity when planning and prioritizing daily tasks.

“Running Meetings Effectively” (April 13; $109) will teach you how to structure meeting planning, preparation, and execution in order to achieve a desired outcome, build-in accountability, and assure follow through.

“Effective Coaching Skills” (April 15; $109) will help you focus on strategies and processes for getting ready to coach, forging agreements and partnerships with employees, and addressing both effective and ineffective performance.

“Introduction to Social Media Marketing” (April 21; $109) will show you how to determine which forms of social media appeal to your target audience and provide the steps to defining a strong Web 2.0 strategy.

“Creative and Critical Thinking” (April 21; $109) is designed to teach you the key elements of creative and critical thinking as well as how to develop and apply them.

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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