Tony DeDominick and Faye Hacker have more than 25 years of combined experience as dance instructors.

And their non-credit dance courses at UT are among our most popular.

“Aside from the exercise, the best part of this business is all of the great people I get to meet in a fun setting,” DeDominick said. “Some of my best friends today are folks I met in class in past  years, and I meet more every term.

“It’s very gratifying to run in to a former student and have them tell me how they remember what a good time they had in class,” he added.

Hacker said: “I began teaching non-credit dance courses with Tony in the winter of 2000. He is an excellent dancer and teacher. We meet so many wonderful people who take our UT courses, and they are always so much fun!!”

Tony and Faye are teaching two winter dance courses that begin on Jan. 27: East Coast Swing Dancing and Latin Dance. Each course costs only $79 per person.

In addition, instructor Cynthia West will offer a new dance course titled Scottish Country Dancing ($89; begins Jan. 27). This dance style is a form of social dancing that allows participants to interact with all involved. Plus, it provides a fun, low-impact aerobic exercise.

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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