Our dance courses can teach you the cha-cha, swing, waltz, rumba, and fox trot — the same dances you see on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Two fall courses begin September 9 at Revolution Dance, 201 Sherway Road, with instructors Tony DeDominick and Faye Hacker.

East Coast Swing Dancing ($79 per person for seven class sessions) teaches the versatile swing that can be used to dance with most forms of music.

Latin Dance ($79 per person for seven class sessions) is designed for beginners to learn Latin American dances that are becoming very popular on the ballroom floor.

These courses require a partner, so please register with your spouse, neighbor, co-worker, or friend.

Later this fall, we’re offering a new dance course titled Casino Style Salsa (beginning Oct. 1; $69), Ballroom Dancing (beginning Oct. 28; $79) and a second section of East Coast Swing Dancing (beginning Oct. 28).

Cynthia and Steve Hughett are instructors for the salsa course.

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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