writing_journalIf you’ve always want to try your hand at writing, why not start this fall with one of our non-credit creative writing courses?

We’re bringing back author Tom Bird for two courses in September: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Book Published by the End of the Year (Sept. 18; $65) and Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Book Written by the End of the Year (Sept. 19; $129).

“If you are looking to publish in any genre or arena, including academic, everything you need to know is covered,” Bird says. “The results are immediate, and I share in great depth a method that breaks down the walls of writer’s block, gets you writing, and then keeps you writing.”

You’ll receive a $25 discount if you register for both of Bird’s course, but the discount only applies to registrations made by telephone. (Call 865-974-0150 to register.)

Bird has authored 18 books, hundreds of articles, and delivered more than 3,000 lectures to aspiring writers over the past 25 years. He usually teaches non-credit courses at UT twice each year.

Julia Watts will teach two other writing courses: Intensive Writing Fiction Workshop (beginning Sept. 22; $99) and Getting Started Writing Your Life Story (Oct. 15; $49).

The fiction course will allow you to improve your current fiction project and help you learn more about writing by reading the works of others.

Getting Started Writing Your Life Story will reveal how to apply the storyteller’s craft to memoir writing.

Watts is author of nine novels, including the Lambda Literary Award-winning Finding H.F.

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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