In early July, we asked our non-credit photography students to evaluate the UT Photography Certificate program by completing a short online survey.

The results are in, and we’d like to share them with you. (Thanks to everyone who shared their comments with us!)

1. The variety of photography courses offered in the UT Photography Certificate program is appropriate.

Highly Agree – 22%, Agree – 62%, Somewhat Agree – 14%, Disagree – 3%, and Highly Disagree – 0%

2. The course registration process is satisfactory.

Highly Agree – 35%, Agree – 60%, Somewhat Agree – 4%, Disagree – 1%, and Highly Disagree – 0%

3. I received useful instruction from my photography instructors.

Highly Agree – 55%, Agree – 37%, Somewhat Agree – 6%, Disagree – 1%, Highly Disagree – 0%

4. The certificate program will be helpful in my future pursuits in photography.

Highly Agree – 44%, Agree – 34%, Somewhat Agree – 18%, Disagree – 1%, Highly Disagree – 3%

And here are a few selected comments:

“My overall experience has been very positive with the instructors I have had. Because of the detail they shared I was able to learn the skills that helped me decide what areas interested me the most. And those skills have taught me how to progress past the basics through practice and feedback from the instructors.”

“My photography has improved significantly, as well as my ability to do post-processing of images. It has been a good catalyst for my moving toward becoming a semi-professional photographer.”

“I would like to see the courses more structured in technical vs. artistic/creative themes. I find that in some courses there is much repetition covering the basic operation of the camera….”

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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