We’re offering a non-credit course on April 3 to help professionals learn how to achieve exceptional results through project teams.

The three-hour course is titled “Using Team Potential to Survive in Today’s Economy.”

Instructor Laura Barron e-mailed me Thursday evening with a course outline and comment about this timely new course.

“This seminar will help you produce better results faster because you will learn what your individual approach is to group process and how to maximize it,” Barron says.

Barron also gently massaged the title to “Using Team Potential to THRIVE in Today’s Economy.” (Her title is better than ours.)

Here’s a basic course description:

“In today’s economy, organizations rely more and more on teams and task groups to problem solve, develop recommendations, implement change initiatives and do it in a fast-paced work environment while doing their regular jobs.

“Everyone is doing more with less but expecting exceptional results.”

The $119 course fee includes a Team Dimensions Profile to help you identify your most natural team role(s).

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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