I am fortunate to work with many talented colleagues in the University of Tennessee Conference Center, including Bernadette Donohue, who is sales manager for UT Conferences.

Bernadette and I frequently work together to develop marketing materials for UT Conferences, and she is a pleasure to work with.

She  recently completed the Non-Profit Management certificate program through UT Professional & Personal Development and had good feelings about her experience.

“As a program manager with the Department of Conferences, I interact with many non-profit organizations,” Donohue says. “Having experienced years in the corporate world and feeling well informed with the for-profit arenas, I wanted to become more educated on how the ‘other’ side ticked.

The Non-Profit Management Certificate program has definitely infused me with an exceptional education and greater appreciation for the various causes and groups non-profits work with,” she adds. “The courses in Customer Service Strategies for Non-Profits and Non-Profit Sustainability were particularly beneficial.”

We have several upcoming courses designed especially for persons who work for non-profits: Conducting Effective Board Meetings (March 3), Non-Profit Sustainability (March 5), Intro. to Fundraising (March 10), Customer Service Strategies for Non-Profits (March 24), and Non-Profit Accountability and Impact (March 31).

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development

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