This month’s issue of Entrepreneur magazine included a small article on new lingo that’s being used in the business world.

One of the terms, “cautious pause,” caught my attention.

Entrepreneur defines cautious pause as “the new frugality trait of stopping to consider every purchase instead of simply buying on impulse.”

I wonder … are more consumers indeed taking a cautious pause before buying goods and services these days?

I know I am.

I also wonder whether these cautious pauses are affecting prospective students’ decision to take non-credit courses from UT Professional & Personal Development.

If they are, let me simply say that I understand.

Everywhere we turn, there’s more economic doom and gloom. (I don’t need to repeat any details here.)

But looking on the bright side, 2009 may be an opportune time to push yourself in other professional and personal directions.

We offer courses (many at the recession-busting price of less than $75) that can help you move into a new direction, and we’re moving quickly to offer new courses in the next few months to help you overcome these tough times.

Bottom line: We’re here to help you, no matter how long your “cautious pause” lasts. 

Darrin Devault, UT Professional & Personal Development